Lake Asana's Memberships combine the intuitive wisdom of tarot with lunar & solar cycles to help you connect on a deeper level. Wherever you are on your intuitive journey, there is a path for you! Each membership includes some combination of tarot reading, energy work, mantra, & self-care, or all of the above. Whether you feel drawn to Lunar Moments, Moon Mama, or Solstice Sister, you will experience deeper connection without and within, development of your intuition, a stronger sense of intention, and a guide on your way to alignment. 

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$12.50/mo. | $125/yr

This monthly membership is just what you need to start living a connected life! Think of this as your opportunity to dip your toes in the water of aligning with lunar cycles and connecting to our shared intuition.

At the beginning of each lunar month - the new moon - you will receive a tarot reading for the energy of the coming lunar cycle and a simple self-care ritual for the full moon. You will also receive informational tidbits about the moon's phases and events. 

The first steps on any journey are often the hardest, but Lunar Moments will help you along the way with connection and intention. 

Moon Gazing


$29/mo. | $290/yr

Moon Mamas are seeking to step into connection and their sense of intuition in a deep way. You are a woman who knows or feels the tug of the moon's phases and wants to tune-in.

On each new moon you will receive a personalized 3-card tarot reading, on the full moon you will receive a one-card spot check to keep you tuned in, and you have complimentary membership to Lunar Moments. You'll also receive a monthly mantra and have an open-door to ask questions about your readings.

This combines the intuitive wisdom of tarot with the rhythms of the moon to help you connect on a deeper level, to live each month in sync with mother moon and your intuition. 

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Are you ready to dive in to intuitive

growth? Are you ready to live in phase with nature's cycles?

Of course you are -- join me, sister!

In addition to all of the goodies of Lunar Moments & the personalized Moon Mama tarot readings and mantras, you'll be getting another layer of cyclical connection and a bundle of intuitive wellness services (valued at over $1200). Each solstice and equinox - there are two of each! - you will receive a personalized comprehensive tarot reading, Reiki energy work, and step-by-step seasonal rituals. 

This is a full serving of intuitive growth and energetic healing so that soul-deep alignment is not only achievable, but sustainable. 




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