Reiki 5-Pack - Small Business Saturday Special

Reiki 5-Pack - Small Business Saturday Special

Get a huge savings on five 1-hr Reiki energy healing sessions!


Reiki is a system of energetic healing and spiritual development that brings you back into balance physically, mentally, emotionally, and of course, energetically. It supports and empowers your natural ability to heal. Reiki is very non-intrusive as practitioners use a combination of gentle therapeutic touch over clothes and no-touch work within your biofield. Because it can help people experiencing a wide variety of physical dis-ease, chronic illness and pain, and emotional or spiritual unrest, it can be a beautiful complement and aid to more conventional care.


NOTE: Distance Reiki sessions will be scheduled at Sydney's discretion at intervals established by the client. Local Reiki sessions must be scheduled at available locations and times - regularly available on Thursday evenings 3-9 and periodic weekends and Mondays during the day. 

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    No returns. No exceptions. 

    Package expires one calendar year from purchase. 

    Purchase IS transferrable at the purchasers discretion. 

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